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WOW! We are off to a great start after a very long first day for the J24s in Copa Mexico 2012 Regatta. I spent a lot of time today as “shark bait” (as some of the sailors call me). I was more concerned with getting run over by the press boat than with what might be underneath me ūüėČ The wind seemed to be all over the place today and the current progressively got stronger, making it more difficult to stay in place to shoot. All in all it was a great first day and looking forward to round two!

To see full gallery from day one click here

2 thoughts on “COPA MEXICO 2012 – J24S

  1. […] refreshing to see a hired regatta photographer step it up like Jen Edney. ¬†Check out her webpage¬†here. She’s currently shooting the J24 Copa Mexico. ¬†Without her permission (the email is sent) […]

  2. kellie says:

    Wow, Jen, I LOVE your work! Your light and compositions are exhilarating! I found you as I was looking through the testimonials on the SPL housing site. I am trying to figure out which lens to put in the housing, do you mind if I ask which lens you are using with yours?

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